I married into the name 'Hamburger' 30 years ago. My maiden name was Franklin.  I realized I was trading down on the name back in 1986, but it was worth it because I really love the guy. Little did I know it would be the perfect food name to be a blogger and speaker on emotional eating intelligence -- an understanding of how your emotional life affects your body image and eating behavior.

I worked as a corporate lawyer in Boston and London many years ago. Not 'loving life' at the law firm, it was an easy decision to stay home and raise our three sons while my husband Daniel began his business career. I did quite a bit of volunteer work at my three sons’ schools and on the baseball fields on Chicago’s North Shore. As my youngest son, Nick, approached high school graduation, I went back to graduate school at the University of Chicago. I rekindled a passion for Virginia Woolf and found a passion for psychoanalytic thought.

I became interested in body image and the psychology of eating from my own 40 year experience managing my weight via an intense fear of the bathroom scale. It has truly been a lifelong instrument of torture for me. I entered the body image and eating discussion realizing there had to be a better way to spend the next half of my life. I took continuing education seminars at the University of Chicago’s school of social work (SSA) on Eating Disorders, Body Dis-morphic Disorder and DBT, a new mindfulness based therapy used to treat emotional eating. I also took 3 classes on psychoanalytic theory and practice at SSA and in the University of Chicago's graduate humanities departments.

I have a BA from the Honors College at the University of Michigan ‘84 and a JD from Michigan Law School ‘88. I am hoping to aggregate my graduate classwork at the University of Chicago into some sort of degree someday. But, right now I am really happy speaking, blogging, and taking classes for myself.