The 7 Things Parents can do to Raise Daughters with Healthy Body Esteem

In 2017 it is projected that 1 out of every 8 women will be diagnosed with an eating disorder in her lifetime. That statistic is staggering; practically no women had eating disorders back in our day. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses around body image and eating that begin with negative body esteem

We live in a time and place that is brutal on the body esteem of its women. Six of every 8 women live with negative body image caused by our diet culture's obsession with being thin at all costs. Having a negative body image is normal in today's world.  But it's not okay.

What can we do to help our daughters navigate their way through this culture?  This discussion offers concrete steps for parents and grandparents to help our daughters learn to appreciate their bodies and themselves. It is time to make our daughters' mental health around body image and eating a priority in our homes and in our society.


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Diets Don’t Work: Learn to Eat Intuitively

Everyone knows that diets don’t work.  So what does work for managing your weight?  Intuitive eating is a way to manage your eating and weight without ever dieting again.  Based on the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, we explore how to rewire your brain to eat what you want, when you want, by listening to your body signals, not by focusing on someone else's idea of what you should eat (a prescribed diet).  By unpacking the way you think about eating, we make 5 small-but-mitey mental shifts in your 'eating navigation system.'  




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How to Maintain a Positive Body Image in Today’s Crazy World

This crazy world we live in is obsessed with women’s bodies.  This shows up in an individual woman or girl in the way she feels about her own body, her body image.  What happened to our generation? How is it going for our daughters?  Why are the stakes so high for our bodies and appearance and what can be done about it for all women of all ages in the culture?  We discuss how to cultivate a positive body image by taking apart what a positive body image looks like. Then, we figure out how to apply our definition of a positive body image to you. 




Workshops on Postitive Body Image and Intuitive Eating

This Workshop discusses how our culture’s idea of women’s bodies have affected your ideas about your own body.  We use the MyBodyMySelf Worksheet: MyRecipeforChange to help create a more positive relationship with your own body.   

This Workshop looks at how you eat today and discusses how you could modify your eating behavior to work better for your own goals using Intuitive Eating principles.  We will work through the MyRecipeforChange and learn to use the MyBodyMySelf Post-its as tool to change your eating behaviors.