My Body, Myself 

We all know physical appearance is just a part of who you are.  Clearly too much emphasis has been placed on appearance in Kardashian Culture. So, if appearance says little about your value as a person, what does say something about your character and value as a person to you?  How do you define yourself?  Is it in terms of being a loving mom?  A kind friend?  Capable at your job? It's probably a combination of these things that make up your whole you.  

Many women spend the healthy years we have being alive distracted from living because we feel shame about our bodies. Many women engage in a tremendous amount of self-judgment and self-punishment around food and weight. Time spent being disappointed in yourself can be a remarkable time-sink in a person’s life.  Research shows that the average women spends 31 years of her life dieting. How much time have you spent in past decades telling yourself that your body was flawed? 

People with body confidence feel comfortable in their skin. This is a tall task today;  to do this you actually have to believe your body is not flawed. How can we feel believe we are not flawed if 75% of us women in Kardashian Culture believe that there is something wrong with our bodies? Most of us believe deep down that we are only lovable or acceptable at a certain weight that we either maintain by living in food prison or that we hope to get to someday when that diet actually works?

“Body image issues and eating problems are best prevented when teachers are trained, school policies and school environment are modified, and parents are involved.” 

We directly asked the high school kids, “Is it important to discuss body image in school? We got an overwhelming YES answer to the question. 91% of the kids we surveyed thought we shouldtalk about this in school. This is what they said, 

Body image is not a regular topic of conversation in most homes today. 

These checklists are of typical physical, social behavioral and psychological signs and symptoms of eating disorders.  They are self-explanatory.  I’d like to highlight afew.  You are looking for a  fear of food; a flat mood or mood swings;  complaints about the self; and physically you are looking for big weight swings up or down.