My Body, Myself 

We are trying to locate some of our thoughts around body image and eating. You might be only slightly aware of some of them. For body image and weight there are lots of thoughts floating around under the surface. We are going to look for these thoughts by noticing each time thoughts about your body arise. Often body related thoughts come up while showering, working out, or getting dressed.

Notice all thoughts involved in the following areas. These are just suggestions of what yours might look like.  Keep track of:

1. Anytime you are thinking about your body  

  • “I look fat in these jeans.” 
  • “I hate the way my breasts look in this shirt.”   
  • “ I like my hair in this style.”  
  • “I always feel large around my sister.”  
  • “Oh my god, I cannot believe the number I just saw on the scale.”

2. Anytime a mean voice comes up in your head.  We can all be self critical, especially around body and eating.  We want to catch ourselves doing that. 

  • “I look horrible in that color.”  
  • “I always eat too much when I drink.”  
  • “I am a complete disaster when I eat one cookie.  I always start binging.”  
  • “I look SO fat in that picture.”  
  • “I cannot believe I weight what I weighted 5 months pregnant.  How could I do this again?”

3. What type of thoughts come up?  Are there repeat entries about on part of your body that you find fault with?  Repeat entries about the number on the scale?  Repeat entries about your size or shape?

4. Are there certain messages you think you get from our culture that hit you particularly hard?  How could you could UNPLUG from those?

5. How do you know when you look good?  Is it when you look in the mirror?  It it when someone tells you?

6. What is in the way of your accepting your body?

7. Notice if you are JUDGING other people. It isn't nice to do, we all know that.  But, it is also an indication of how you view yourself. You filter your experience through your own lens. If you are judging other people's bodies - whether family members or friends -- you are most likely doing it to yourself. If you find yourself interested in a movie star's struggles to re-gain her figure after a baby, it would be good to ask yourself, "Am I judging myself, in addition to Kim Kardashian?"